Friday, November 27, 2015

My First Furniture Up-Cycle

            For years we had these two shelving units in out guest bedroom with some crafting supplies in them. But these shelves were super cheap and falling apart, I decided enough was enough it needed to be replaced, and preferably with something with more storage, my crafting supplies are growing.  I bought this green and flowery dresser from Goodwill for $20 bucks, oh yeah.

The project started off pretty good I took the hardware off and started sanding. I thought it would be a great semi easy up-cycle. I mean come on I had a sander I would just sand off the paint, right? WRONG!!! I was so so wrong after hours of trying to sand that down I was sitting dejectedly on the couch and my mom goes “why don’t you use a stripper?”  Bam my problems were solved but alas it wasn’t a easy as it sounds but it got the work done. The stripper worked and it easily got the paint off, on the flat smooth surfaces. On the more detailed parts of the dresser, mainly the drawers it was much harder to get all of the stripper off the dresser.  Ok so FINALLY I was ready to move on to paint I used a roller on the flat surfaces and paintbrush on the detailed parts.  Using these tools I was not that happy with the brush strokes, so I bought a paint sprayer. When I started to use the sprayer things were going great woohoo.  And finally after probably 5 coats 3 with the roller and paintbrush and 2 with the sprayer I was ready for the topcoat. Now I love topcoats some bloggers don’t like the “plastic feel” but I really like it.  To me it feels like a finished piece of furniture. After I was done with the main dresser I used steal wool the hard ware and used brushed nickel spray paint, I put on 3 coats of the spray paint and the hardware looked great. 

( I apologize for the final pictures I was so excited I moved the dresser into the closet before I    took pics :( sorry)

At long last I was done I moved the dresser into the guest bedroom closet, me and mom had to really work to get it in there my margins for getting it in weren’t that great. But now it fits and I have ample room for my craft supplies and more, which I plan to fill up. 


Chalk paint on furniture. OHHH AHHH