Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Plus Quilt

            So for christmas I needed a new quilting pattern for my new nephew and I found this pattern and idea on Pinterest, Plus Quilt . On this pattern there are 3 options you can have a quilt using 9 colors, 4 colors or 3 colors. I chose the 4 color option. I really enjoy primary color quilts so I went with red, yellow, blue, and green, but all with different patterns. 

            When I first started cutting my fabric I was cutting pluses but then I started thinking that sewing them together would be difficult so I change to cutting squares for the top and bottom and rectangles for the middle.  

Then I laid the whole quilt out in the correct pattern and pinned one line at a time and sewed the lines together.

            After I sewed the lines together I ironed the seams flat. 

I laid the whole quilt out again to make sure my pluses were in the right pattern.  And then I pinned the lines together sewed and ironed the seams. And repeat till the front is all done. So my pattern didn’t line up exactly right and that was frustrating but I made it work, if you want to make sure all your lines meet up really pay attention to your cutting and your seams and seam allowance when you are sewing. 

After the front of my quilt was all done I cut the back fabric and the batting to the size of the front of the quilt.  This is when the real quilting begins I did a simple quilting pattern of lines.  After the quilting was all done I used biase tape to close it all up. The hardest part of biase tape was the corners where you do a mitered corner. To do the mitered corner I completely cover the whole quilt one way and then folded it into a right angle and then pinned the crap out of it before sewing.

The hardest part of this quilt was organizing the pluses, they are not organized in a line but they are organized in a diagonal, and that was really hard for me to get my head around luckily with the pattern I was able to muddle through.

 (and here is the little cutie I made this for)