Sunday, December 13, 2015

Crochet Triangle Scarf

I found this pattern for a triangle scarf on ravelry, if you are a crochet or knitting person you have to have an account here. The account is free and you have access to so many free patterns. There are also people on ravelry who sell their patterns but you can usually find something similar to what you want for free. Ok enough about ravelry. Here is the link to the pattern I used, Triangle Scarf with Fringe .

            This is the second triangle scarf I have made and seriously it helps so much if you are already familiar with how these scarves work.  If you haven’t done a triangle scarf before don’t worry you can do it, also when you start the beginning looks like crap but don’t worry it will turn out well. This pattern isn’t very difficult and once you get going it is really easy.  You do the same stich over and over and add 2 stiches in each row, one at the beginning and one at the end.  Also this scarf calls for fringe but I wanted to use this for winter so I didn’t add the fringe.  

I chose to use a mint colored 4 medium yarn for this one, cause well I love mint right now.  I also used a different size hook cause I am super unorganized and couldn’t find the right one, so I used a J 6.00mm hook. 

I am also going to gift this scarf to a friend and I am always worried that someone isn’t going to be wearing the scarf right so I like to take a picture and send that with the gift so they know how to wear it.

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