Monday, January 30, 2012

Attack Cat

My boy cat, Morris, was a stray and must have had little cat guidance. I had to save him from the streets and he lost most of his tail so he could live, but that is another story. I just want to point out how silly my Morris is.

At my house I have about twenty little toy mice for my cats to play with. They often end up under the couch or hidden under the cushions. Sometimes they are even pushed up into the toe of my boots, Ugg boots to be specific, giving me a little scare.

Morris has a very unique way of playing with his toy mice. It is not normal cat behavior, but almost everything Morris does is peculiar. Morris will pick up the toy mouse in his mouth or with his paws, fling it into the air. All this is normal, this is where he gets notable.

Where the mouse lands, Morris pounces, flopping on top of the mouse with his sizable belly. I think his plan is to suffocate the poor rodent. Then he will start thumping the toy mouse, as it still lies squished between the floor and his heavy belly, with one of his back feet. He thumps so hard with his foot, pressing his ears back, and a look of intensity in his round eyes, it makes a pounding noise. After he is through with the thumping he often runs away, fleetingly, leaving the mouse to die alone.

Though he is unconventional, I am pretty sure a real living mouse would not survive his attack. The suffocation from his belly alone would be enough to smother the furry animal, but his thumping is quite aggressive and I am sure it would concuss the mouse to death. Here is a video example of his attack, it is quite a laughable display. I love this cat!  Oh, and yes that is "Ra Ra Rasputin" playing in the background.

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  1. The mouse had no chance. It was not expecting that kind of attack.