Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bethany Charming's Bio

I’m Bethany.  The child of a couple so perfect they are nicknamed Prince and Princess Charming.  I am the oldest child of four kids and love having a slightly larger than average family.  I am in my 30’s and have some life experience under my belt.  I currently work as a civil servant though I have had many jobs in almost as many different fields of work.  I work to live, and am not defined by my job.  In my free time I watch movies, play outside, enjoy my two cats (Babalou and Morris), write (unsuccessfully), and spend time with my family, boyfriend, and his two very interesting children.  I have the best boyfriend to add to the best family ever.  I live in southern Colorado and have lived in Colorado for most of my life.  I like to believe I live a small life in a big way.

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