Saturday, February 4, 2012

Am I the only one .....

Am I the only one who loves watching I Survived?  I love this show it fascinates me that all the people that survived think the same thoughts. This gets me wondering if everyone thinks these thoughts or if only the people with the will to live think them.

The people that survive (because of things they do) all have a moment where they either almost give up and realize they want to live or they think about the things that are worth living.  They also often times have and use the same plans this also interests me.  I love when someone thinks their way out of bad situations. They say if this happens I am going to do this, I am going to play dead, or when he stops I am going to punch him in the face and jump out of the car.

I am convinced that if you keep thinking, planning, moving, and always have hope you can survive almost anything.


  1. I survived fails to keep my attention. Spoiler alert... if they are on the show, they live. I think I would be much more interested if they told the stories a bit different and compared them to cases where someone did not survive. They could call the show "I survived...or not."

    1. I like the idea I see some flaws though. who is going to tell the story if they are the or not?