Friday, February 17, 2012

The Efing Unicorn Love Party

Last weekend my mom, Brittany, and I all went to an aerial fundraising party, yes it was called the efing unicorn party. We know the people hosting the party through aerial fabric class, these people are not your normal people.  This in no way is a bad thing, so the party started at 8 and we got there at 8:30.  At the door there was a small line that looked and seemed a lot longer cause there were two people carrying big huge stilts (yep and that is the beginning).  Upon entering I was offered a free unicorn horn which I accepted, duh.

From here on out the most interesting part was people watching, there were tons of people in skimpy home made outfits, the most memorable being the guy in a full baby pink corset with a tutu and a full unicorn head, and my personal favorite was a guy with a full black helmet on and he stuck a dildo, literally, on top of this helmet.

There were some interesting aerial performances while I was there, and some acts that fell a little short.  My favorite acts were the strong man fabric, our teacher Jill and our 3 other student friends.

All in all a very interesting night!!!

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