Friday, February 3, 2012

Lap Giraffes

This silly Directv commercial with the miniature pet giraffe started an interesting conversation amongst my family.  If you could have a miniature version of any animal which one would you want?  My answer is a tiger.  I love their striped coloring, the shape of their faces, their sleekness, and I think they are very majestic.

I would never take a wild tiger and put it in a cage so it could be mine, it is not where they belong.  I do not support zoos, by going to them, and live with this decision by allowing myself to believe the purpose for their captivity is because they couldn't survive in the wild since they were born in captivity or had been injured beyond repair and could only live safely in a zoo.

I also wouldn't want some scientist or breeder to mess with nature so much to make a 1,000 pound animal into a 10 pound animal.  But, if by some unforeseen miracle, from an unknown land, miniature tigers existed and tended to thrive as pets I would be among the first in line for one.

Do mini lap giraffe's exist?  You tell me. 

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