Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ring Back Rant

So we all know what a ring back is right?  It's when you call someone and a woman's voice goes "please enjoy the music while your party is reached" and then launches into said music.  This annoys the crap out of me!  It is always that one song that one classical song, you know the one. It is called Vivaldi Spring.  Which is a lovely song, I personally don't like it now because of ring backs.  Hearing any classical song through a phone is never pleasant and it gets worse the more you hear it.

Whenever I hear that dreaded "please..." I know 98% of the time it is Vivaldi's spring, I hate it, it angers me.  I don't know what these people think this does but it only pisses me off and makes me think how unoriginal these people are! It is not classy it is not enjoyable and it is always too loud.  Don't do ring back tones!

Vivaldi Spring   This version is 100% better then anything I have heard on a ringback

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