Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breastfeeding In Public

Due to a Facebook post made by a friend this week I learned that discrimination against a woman breastfeeding in public is illegal in over 40 states. Personally, I don't understand why breastfeeding in public would even need to be protected by the government. Shouldn't a baby be able to eat whenever and wherever they need to?

So, someone might see a nipple for a few seconds while the baby is trying to find it, or a little areola. If this is offensive to someone, that someone should just turn away and not look. Once a baby latches on there isn't much to see. Some shirts or dresses show more breast than when a woman is breast feeding. I say get over it and stop pushing your prude squeamishness on mothers providing the best nutrition to their children. Here are some websites to use as references...




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