Friday, February 17, 2012


I am dog sitting a dog named Hardy. Hardy is a big blood hound. Think "Lady and the Tramp" (the Disney movie) because he looks a lot like the bloodhound, the one who says, "Miss Ladyyyyy!" Essentially, I am Hardy's aunt because whenever his mom leaves on vacation he stays with me. 

Everytime I see Hardy he wails with excitement and I love it. He has one of those faces which conveys dumbness but he is a pretty smart dog. He can open doors by turning the door!

We go for walks, play, and love when he visits. Really, my boyfriend is the one who takes the best care of Hardy. He is a saint because he makes sure that Hardy behaves, because he is still a puppy, he plays with him, goes outside with him, and chasing Hardy down when he escapes.

When the week is over I am happy to give Hardy back. Not because I don't love the big fella' but because I worry about him when I am gone, even when I sleep. I am gone about fifty hours a week for work and sleep a lot so I can't give him the time and attention I think he deserves. For this reason I feel better being a cat owner because cats are so much more independent and self sufficient.

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