Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Movie Review: Act of Valor

This weekend I went to see the movie Act of Valor.  Basically, it is a movie based off of real life Navy SEAL operations that has been fictionalized.  The actors in the movie are mainly active duty Navy SEALs.  It probably doesn't need to be said, but, the expectation of the level of acting should be lower than with most movies.  These guys are not professional actors. 

They do kick ass and take names for a living so your expectations of some really great action scenes should remain high.  There are no computer generated imaging in the movie.  It is all based on the skill of the men.  These guys are amazing.  They have skills I did not even know existed.  And, the equipment they use is cutting age and made my heart flutter.  I was one of the few women in the movie.  It is one of the only movies out there which is more geared for men than women.  If you get a chance go see the movie, it is eye opening for the sacrifices our men and women in the military make for this country.  It is the opposite of chick flick, a "manly movie."

On a side note, I know why they call them SEALs.  They are wet about 98% of the time on their operations.

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