Friday, February 10, 2012

The Power of Water

While I was writing my last post it got me thinking about how most people do not understand the awesome power of water!  Water is a beautiful powerful dangerous thing and people do not understand it's special and dangerous properties.

For example in movies people can fall from great heights and if they land in water they are totally fine. This pisses me off because I know, since I was a diver, that water hurts and can kill at certain heights just from impact.  The highest high diver ever was 133 ft by Dana Kunze I believe someone else, a profession, attempted to go a few feet higher but when they hit the water they broke a femur, their pelvis, and their back, thus disqualifying their jump.  So it obviously gets on my nerves when people fall from hundreds of feet into water in the movies and are not injured at all.

Also water temperature is a very tricky.  When you hear water is at 60 degrees you think hey 60 is a pretty nice temperature but when you get into water that is 60 dang it is cold and if you stay in it long enough you can get hypothermia.  So anything colder is obviously terrible and super dangerous.

World's highest High Dive!! reverse split triple

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