Sunday, February 12, 2012

Girl Crush

Being a hasbian (former lesbian) I have had many girl crushes. Some have been famous, others were women I knew. My current girl crush is a fictional character, Lisbeth Salander.

The heroine from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo book series by Stieg Larson. She is quite possibly the coolest chick in literature.

She is a badass, which is clearly evident by the way she handles what life throws at her. She is raped by her caseworker. She doesn’t report the rape, instead she gets even with a revenge rape. She exacts lasting revenge by permanently scarring the offender with a tattoo saying “I am a sadist rapist pig.” I could continue with remarks on her badassery but the list is long.

She has a strong moral compass within herself, shown by her conduct. Yes, she raped a man, but he was a rapist. Yes, she stole tons of money from a man, but he was a thief. Yes, she axed a man, but he was trying to kill her. Yes, she bashes a man in the head with a golf club, but he was a serial killer and trying to kill her friend.

She lives by her own rules of right and wrong. She is not guided by the rules placed on her by society and it is admirable. If the world was filled with Lisbeth Salanders crime would be reduced to almost nothing.

But my favorite things about Lisbeth are her imperfections. She is flawed. Though she is flawed she survives through injustice after injustice and comes out on top. I admire her resilience and strength. Sure it helps that she is an uber genius, brilliantly working her way through her trouble ridden life. She even puts herself out there, after all her hardships, and loves the champions in her life.

I am frequently saddened by the loss of Lisbeth’s creator, Larson. I wish he could have continued his work or created new characters to fall in love with. Maybe someone will be able to follow in his footsteps making another complex, flawed, character to be intrigued by and love.

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