Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hiny Hiders

I hate using public bathrooms.  There are many reasons, people are messy, it can be embarrassing, and private stalls is a misnomer.  Just walking into a public bathroom makes my skin crawl because it feels like I am walking on pee floor.  I seem to always find the stall that has crap still in the toilet or the toilet seat has drips of pee on it, yuck. 

Once I am able to find the least gross toilet among the choices, usually takes two to three stall checks, inevitably someone in the bathroom will let out a fart.  I have a hard time believing I am the only one who finds the fart hilarious but I don’t hear anyone else laughing so I stifle my laugh and shake quietly with giggles. 

The worst part is the construction of the bathroom stalls.  The metal walls are either too short at the top or too high off of the floor showing too much of anyone in them.  The locks for the doors hardly ever fit right and it takes some tinkering to get the door locked, but I still have the fear that someone will be able to push the door open. 

The worst part is when the door of the bathroom stall is closed there is always a crack.  It is not a sizable crack but the crack is sufficient enough to see into the stall enough to know if someone is inside and to see out of the stall and watch other people watching you.  It is quite unnerving. 

For an offhand note, did you know the name of some of the locks for the bathroom stall doors are “Hiny Hiders?”

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