Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Biggest Loser..... And Deception in General

Today I was watching the biggest loser and the black team all decided that they would not lose any weight so they could vote off one of there players.  Okay I understand playing the game, but to play the game and then lie about playing the game pisses me off !  That is their defense too , "Oh, I'm just playing the game."  If you are playing to win don't lie about it. The girl they targeted honestly is guilty of doing the same thing and she is shocked and surprised when people do it to her.

This whole not losing weight to lose a player was all orchestrated by one devious, whinny, and under-motivated person.  Most people on the biggest loser are there to lose weight and to live but one this season comes off as a backstabbing girl who doesn't want to work.  If I were going to do something to win a game I would tell people up front about it, and I certainly wouldn't lie about it.  Deception on a TV show is never good cause eventually everyone will find out about it.

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