Thursday, February 16, 2012

Smelly Cat!

So, I got Morris back from his other mom yesterday.  When she dropped him off she warned me he was "gassy."  This is not an uncommon occurrence.  When Morris is afflicted with flatulence it is a humorous situation for many reasons.

I am pretty sure Morris is the only cat who has audible farts.  I personally think his farts make noise because he has a sizeable posterior and this creates enough fiction for noise to occur.

Because of a previous injury the nerves around his tail are damaged so he can't tell when he farts (sometimes he'll drop a little turd unbeknownst to him).  Yesterday his farts were quite noxious and caused stinging noses and watery eyes. 

The funny part was Morris was upset by the smell of his own farts and would move away from sitting by the dog, thinking the dog was the source of the smell.  Then he sat by my boyfriend, farted again, and thought the smell was from my boyfriend so he moved again. 

Eventually Morris realized he was the cause of the smell through the process of elimination.  He could not feel himself fart because of the nerve damage and did not want to believe he could stink so bad.  I guess he didn't know his bum was making the fart noises either.  He is such a quirky little guy.  How can you not love this face?

All this made me think of was Phoebe singing "Smelly Cat" on Friends.

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